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Valve industry experts gathered in Kaifeng

June 13, China General Machinery Industry Association Valve Branch (referred to as the China Valve Association) Council will be held in the city. From the national valve industry, the authority of experts, entrepreneurs gathered in Kaifeng, to discuss China's valve industry reform and development and innovation plan. City leaders Zhou Yizhong, Sun Jigang wait until the meeting will be congratulated. China General Machinery Industry Association Sui Yongbin, China Energy Bureau Energy Conservation and Technology Equipment Division Deputy Director Oriole and the national valve industry experts and entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

The meeting on the Chinese valve industry, technological progress, reform and innovation and industrial upgrading and other in-depth discussion. Mayor Zhou Yizhong pointed out that in the face of the challenges and tests of the international crisis, the municipal government in accordance with the national and Henan provincial and provincial governments as a whole to mobilize the city from top to bottom, all forces, mining potential, Domestic demand, grams of time, growth. In the country and the provinces and municipalities to expand domestic demand, and promote growth policy measures under the strong pull, after the city struggling hard work, Kaifeng economic operation has been a series of positive changes, the economic operation to stabilize, quality and efficiency improved significantly.

Zhou Yizhong also spoke highly of the reform and development of Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd., chairman of the China Valve Association. Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. since the restructuring and reorganization, the independent development of a series of high-end products to fill the gaps in the Chinese valve industry, including large diameter control valve to enter the million kilowatts of thermal power market. In 2007, the company as the main body of China Valve Holdings Co., Ltd. officially landed in the US capital market. Through overseas financing, the company launched a million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical high temperature and high pressure valve project, so that even more powerful business development. Zhou Yizhong hope that the members of the China Valve Association in-depth study of the valve industry collaboration, development, win-win new model, the same boat, a total of grams of difficulties, to continue to promote China's valve industry bigger and stronger, sustained and healthy development and common struggle.

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