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After-sales Service

Valve after-sales service commitment
1. In the normal storage and maintenance, maintenance, use conditions, due to product quality problems can not be used normally, the three packs (warranty, Baotui, Baohuan) services.
2. In response to the quality of information feedback, will be made within 24 hours of processing advice, after the user recognized the implementation.
3. Provide the necessary technical documentation and product certificate for the factory products.
4. According to customer needs or agreements in a timely manner to provide spare parts, spare parts and installation, commissioning, maintenance services and customer personnel for technical training.
5. Large-scale projects, will be in accordance with the requirements of the tender documents production, testing, testing, and with the customer site acceptance.
6. In strict accordance with the IS09001 standard organization of raw materials, spare parts procurement and product production, quality control, inspection.

Valve after-sales service instructions
Customers in the use of products in the process, if found that the product can not be used normally, you can immediately to the marketing center after-sales service consulting, and will use the product model, specifications, use of the environment, fault conditions, purchase date and service requirements in detail.
By the service center to deal with the proposal, still can not be resolved, and then decided to send or other treatment.

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