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Statistical Analysis Report on the Number of Valve Manufacturing Enterprises in China

China's valve manufacturing industry after decades of development, has made great progress, the number of China's valve business ranks first in the world, the valve production level has also been greatly improved, the valve production to achieve a substantial increase.

    Prospective Industry Research Institute released 2011-2015 China's valve manufacturing industry demand forecast and transformation and upgrading analysis report shows that as of the end of 2011, China has more than 20,000 yuan valve business income of more than 2050 yuan, the industry achieved sales revenue of 143.86 billion Yuan, an increase of 26.86%; total profit of 13.763 billion yuan, an increase of 32%.

    China's valve manufacturing industry has been able to provide for the user sector about 12 categories, more than 3,000 models, more than 4,000 specifications of the product, the performance parameters ranging from the vacuum valve to 600Mpa ultra-high pressure valve, the temperature from cold 196 degrees Celsius to high temperature 570 degrees Celsius. Its main products have been basically able to meet the needs of the domestic market, and the valve market, the rate of complete sets of sets and the ability to complete sets have improved, the domestic valve has a certain basis for the revitalization.

    China's valve industry is still dominated by small and medium enterprises, the current industry competition is mainly low-end product competition, informal means of competition is disrupting the development of the market, the valve manufacturing industry caused a greater harm.

    Prospective Industry Research Institute Valve manufacturing industry researcher Zhang Chuan Lan said that with the accelerated pace of the valve industry restructuring, the future industry will be the product quality and safety of the product competition between the brand, the product to the high-tech, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance, high life The direction of development, and continuously improve the level of the valve products and grades, the Chinese valve manufacturing industry in a huge demand environment, will show a better development prospects.

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