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The standard code of the valve

China's standard code

GJB national military standards
QB, SG light industry standards
ZB industry standard (professional standard)
JZ, JG urban and rural environmental protection standards
ZBn industry standard (internal distribution)
CB China Shipbuilding Corporation standards
JB / TQ mechanical and electronic industry general machinery industry internal standards
SD Ministry of Water and Power Standard
H high pressure pipe, pipe fittings and fasteners general design standards
GB national standards
Standard for Ministry of Coal Industry
GB / T Country Recommended Standard
Standard for Aeronautical Industry
GBn national standard (internal issue)
QJ Aerospace Industry Standard
ZJB professional military standards
LD Labor and Personnel Standards
JB machinery industry standard (formerly) the Ministry of machinery industry standards
JC National Building Materials Bureau standards
JB / Z (original) Machinery Industry Department guidance document
JJC National Bureau of Metrology Standards
EJ (original) Ministry of Nuclear Industry standards
CAS China Standardization Association standards
YB Metallurgical Standard
CVA China valve industry standard
HG Chemical Industry Department Standard
Q / TH (formerly) Machinery Industry Department of chemical general machinery professional standards
SY (original) oil department standard

Foreign standard code

AWS American Welding Association Standard
NF French national standard
ASI American Standards Institute
API American Petroleum Institute
BS British national standard
MSS American Standard for Valve and Pipe Fittings Standardization Association
DIN German national standards
JIS Japanese Industrial Standard
MIL US military standards
ASME Institute of Mechanical Engineers
JPI Japan Petroleum Institute standards
ASTM American Society for Testing Standards
ISO international standards
AISI American Society of Iron and Steel Standards
American National Standard

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