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Oxygen valve function and characteristics

    Oxygen stop valve is mainly used for oxygen press after the pipe network, according to the size of the diameter of different structures: small diameter for the general structure, large diameter additional auxiliary valve or bypass to balance the valve before and after the pressure difference, reduce the opening and closing torque, Manufacturing is the use of anti-oil measures, and all parts are installed before the strict degreasing of the external, all the diameter of the valve ends are equipped with conductive screw, to prevent static electricity, to prevent the use of special functions to prevent the use of bursts.

    Oxygen dedicated ball valve is a kind of oxygen pipe network dedicated valve, it has a common ball valve function but also has good flame resistance, good electrical conductivity, compact structure, oil, safe and reliable features, oxygen ball valve and oxygen shut-off valve together Is widely used in steel, medicine, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

    Oxygen-specific butterfly valve is a kind of special valve for oxygen pipe network. There are special type of valve, flange type copper, stainless steel butterfly valve in the manufacturing process using special technology, reliable sealing, flow resistance coefficient is small, compact structure flexible and safe Reliable and so on.

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