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FT14 Screwed

FT14 Screwed

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FT14 Screwed Product detail

Ball float steam traps are extremely versatile and work efficiently on both light and heavy condensate loads. Although compact in size, their discharge capacity is high and continuous, ensuring maximum heat transfer. These traps are the best choice for draining plant with automatic temperature control.

Size and pipe connections


DN15-DN25 Screwed BSP or NPT
DN15-DN25 Flanged EN 1092 PN16/PN25,ANSI 150

Part Material
Body/Cover A216 WCB 
Cover bolts A193 B7
Cover gasket graphite+SS304 or ss316
Valve seat A276 430
Ball float and lever A240 304
Air vent assembly A240 304
Note:1.The material can according to the customer's request or actual valve working condition.
2.The surface of valve can use high temperature resistant black or blue paint,but also can according to the customer's request.


Limited condition

Body design conditions PN40
PMA Maximum allowable pressure 40Bar g
TMA Maximum allowable temperature 300°C
Maximum differential pressure(ΔPMX) 32Bar




Horizontal connections with flow from right to left.
Horizontal connections with flow from left to right.

Design standard: ISO6552; EN26704
Face to face dimension: EN26554
Test & inspection: EN26948
Dimensions/weights(approximate)in mm and kg



Size A B C D Weight
DN15 150 105 70 250 9
DN20 150 105 70 250 9.2
DN25 160 105 70 250 9.5
DN32 230 115 75.5 335 20
DN40 230 115 75.5 335 20
DN50 230 115 75.5 350 21.5



Size A B C D Weight
DN32 270 115 75.5 225 19.5
DN40 270 115 75.5 225 19.5
DN50 270 115 75.5 225 20
DN65 270 115 75.5 225 22